Why I Started This Blog

So, as if I don't have enough blogs already, I've decided to start up one more. This blog will be devoted to the daily steps of my process towards writing a novel. I got the inspiration to do this as I was thinking about how excited I am to reach the point in the revision process when the novel is ready to show to people, because I just can't wait to get some of the fabulous, brilliant people in my life involved in this process.

I have already begun to compile a list of the generous people who have expressed a willingness to read through a draft whenever I'm ready to send one out. Here, by the way, is that list as it currently stands, so I can thank and honor those brave souls, and so you can make sure you're on it if you want to be, and aren't if you don't. These are people who have specifically, overtly stated their interest in reading the next draft of my novel (usually multiple times, in order to convince me they are being sincere and not merely polite). If you would like to be added to this list, or removed from it, please let me know and I will happily do so. Here 'tis.

Supercool Awesome Wonderful Glorious People:
Ben Tresman
Robby Noble
Janel Averill
Tom Dorman
Shannon Singer
Jennifer Snodgrass
Thomas Edwards
Allie Edwards
Toby Osborne
Nati Amos
Fred Browne
Chris Dewar
TJ Rakitan
Amy Wong
Kate Fox
Margaret Edwards
Jackie Goldfinger
Sarah Smith
John Hansen
Pam Hosmer
Christy Zatkin
Erin Denny
Wilder Nutting-Heath
Turhan Sarwar

Yay! You guys rock my solar system!

Anyway, the point is, I was thinking how excited I am to get other people's input and have some of the people I most value in life being a part of this process. And I was thinking it would be nice, once people have read the novel, if they could check up on the changes I work on after they read it so they can see where I'm heading, and also so that they can give some input on my revisions if they have any, e.g. "Hey, you're cutting the butchery scene? That's my favorite scene!" (Note: I don't care what anybody says (Coach...), I am sanitizing my novel of that freaking butchery scene ASAP.)

And then I thought, hey, when not start now, so that any of the people I know who are crazy enough not only to be willing to read my next draft, but to be interested in the revision process before I even reach the point where it is ready to be seen by eyes other than my own, can be updated on the process to whatever extent they desire. I also thought it'd be cool to have a record of the process, mostly for my own sake, but heck, who knows, perhaps even for posterity one day... A girl can dream, can't she?

So, anyway, basically my plan is, for each day I do some work on my novel, I'll post a brief summary of what I did here. Should be interesting... I hope you enjoy it! Or avoid it. Because seriously, if you're not enjoying it, what are you doing coming back here? :-)


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